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Cancellation Policy

WellErectile is known to be the most reliable pharmaceutical store to provide satisfaction to all the customers. 100% effort is put into all the orders placed by any customer whatsoever. The delivery of each product is ensured by us so that it reaches to our buyers on time.

There can be many reasons why the customers can cancel the order and are kept as flexible as possible. Following are the reasons where cancellation policy will stay put:

  • If the product ordered by the customer is limited to quantity, the cancellation policy for the same holds applicable to avoid any inconvenience by our customers later on.

  • If the buyer has a problem with the product offered by us, a support team can get in touch with them to provide the most amicable solution for the same.

  • If the product ordered by the client is not in stock, it is canceled right away by Arrowmeds.

  • The orders made online are pre-paid, and in case there is an error in the order's payment, it holds canceled.

  • A customer can get the order withdrawn at any time, and it will be accepted as long as the reason provided by them is good.

  • If there is no receipt generated at the time of the payment, the order is canceled.

  • In case our client is not satisfied with the product, they can raise a complaint against the item, which will then do for the complete refund policy.

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